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    • Amazon is offering to make a donation to LQ Music for every dollar you spend through Amazon! This does not cost you anything.Simply go to and login with your Amazon account.From then on, any Amazon purchase you make will automatically result in a donation to the LQ Music Program. It’s that easy. With the Holidays, this is a great way to help the Music Program. Please share with your family and friends through e-mail and Face Book. Will you smile on LQ Music?
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    • Please help & download the app “communities for cause” and use it whenever you make a purchase at a place that’s participating in this! Basically, you take a picture of your receipt on this app and some of the money goes to the La Quinta music department, depending on the percentage they’re giving to us. Just register and put down “La Quinta HS friends of music” You will find a list of places you can go to on the app. Anything would help, thank you!
    • HOW TO ORDER:Go to: and register. It only takes a few minutes.Please note: you will need to reference the enrollment code for Friends of Music La Quinta High School: 9EC7166834359.

DONATION ITEMS NEEDED: (as of 10/16/15)

If you are able to donate any of the following items, please drop it off to Mr. Sebastian in Room 409. Thank you in advance for your donation!


  • Bottled water
  • (4) Canopies/EZ-ups

ROOM 409

  • Blue painter’s tape 1”
  • 9V batteries


  • HP Laserjet Ink 36A
  • Dry erase expo markers
  • S.F. 4 Staples
  • Reams of 8 1/2 x 11 PASTEL paper 20lb


INSTRUMENTS NEEDED: (as of 03/06/17)

  • (3) Marching Sousaphones  (King 2350 BBb): $8,000 each
  • (2) Mellophones (Jupiter 5050S): $1,500 each
  • (4) Concert tubas (Miraphone 186-4U BBb): $9,000 each